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IBM® Information Server

IBM® Information Server was created to address the changing view of information architecture within companies.

  • 87% of CEOs believe fundamental change is required in the next two years*
  • 60% of CEOs believe their organizations need to do a better job leveraging information*

Customer Business Issues:

  • Too much information and not knowing what is important
  • Multiple Versions of the Truth
  • Lack of Trusted Information
  • Lack of Agility

IBM® Information Server consists of four primary products and functions within a unified platform that is metadata driven:

  1. INFORMATION ANALYZER: Understand- discover, model and govern information structure and content.
  2. QUALITYSTAGE: Cleanse- standardize, merge and correct information
  3. DATASTAGE: Transform- combine and restructure information for new uses
  4. FEDERATION SERVER: Deliver- synchronize, virtualize and move information for in-line delivery

IBM® Information Server Advantage (A complete information Infrastructure):
  1. A comprehensive, unified foundation for enterprise information architectures, scalable to any volume and processing requirement
  2. Auditable data quality as a foundation for trusted information across the enterprise
  3. Metadata-driven integration, providing breakthrough productivity and flexibility for integrating and enriching information
  4. Consistent, reusable information services- along with application services and process services, an enterprise essential
  5. Accelerated time to value with proven, industry-aligned solutions and expertise
  6. Broadest and deepest connectivity to information across diverse sources: structures, unstructured, mainframe and applications.

Customers Achieve Significant Productivity Benefits**

Example ETL Project
  • Source System Analysis: 50+ % gain
  • Data Cleansing: 50+% gain
  • Transformation Logic Construction: 40+% gain
  • Data Management Services: 20+% gain
  • Application System Connectivity: 30+% gain

B2 Integration: An IBM® Information Server Business Partner

Market Vertical Specialties:
  • CPG Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Transportation/Logistics

B2 Integration can provide project assessment, planning and management plus the certified technical resources for both the software implementation and project delivery.
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*2006 IBM Global CEO Survey
**Compared to hand coding- gathered from IBM project studies

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