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The information technology (IT) systems of most enterprises are a complex patchwork of platforms, applications, architectures, programming languages, communication interfaces, and data formats. For an enterprise to function, these disparate elements must communicate and share data, not only within the enterprise, but also between the enterprise and its trading partner community. B2 Integration specializes in developing integration middleware that enables all components of enterprises’ IT systems – within the firewall and beyond the organization – to communicate efficiently. The B2 Integration team understands both the details of business processes and the importance of business intelligence to enterprise success.

Data Integration
Data is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Data resulting from any given transaction must make its way from one enterprise system to another. Since enterprises often deploy unrelated applications – for example, a point-of-sale system from one vendor, an inventory management system from another, and a CRM solution from a third – the data cannot reach it intended destination without the integration of “bridgeware” or “middleware” that allows each application to accept, interpret, and route the data correctly. Adherence to established industry standards is critical in the successful and development of connective middleware. B2 Integration complies with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, TREAD, and PCI.

Application Integration
Many larger enterprises depend on a series of incompatible software applications running on a variety of platforms to manage their business processes. These must be made to “speak” to one another so that enterprise-critical data reaches the correct destination in the correct form. To achieve application integrations, B2 Integration creates a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) or applies near real-time ETL.

B2 Integration has extensive experience with all the following integration software vendors:
  • DataStage - IBM
  • Enterprise Services Platform - WebMethods
  • WebSphere - IBM
  • Gentran Integration Suite - Sterling
  • EXTOL - Business Integrator
  • And more

In addition to expertise with all the major software vendors in the US, B2 Integration can provide all the services associated with these vendors including:

  • Elimination of programming backlogs
  • Integration of applications on different platforms
  • Integration of front-end B2B systems with back-end applications
  • Extraction, transformation and transport of data to applications and partners
  • Automation and integration of business processes
  • Batch and real time interfaces

Business Intelligence
Clear understanding of how and why enterprises use any given piece of data (information) is one of the factors that distinguish the team of integration professionals at B2 Integration. As defined by Gartner, “business intelligence” is an iterative user-centered process that includes accessing and exploring information, analyzing this information, and developing insights and understanding that leads to improved and informed decision making. B2 Integration has extensive  experience in enabling our clients to access business intelligence vital to successful operations. B2 Integration:

  1. builds high-performance and scalable data warehouses that enable enterprises to make well informed decisions
  2. produces responsive reports based on an in-depth understanding of the data
  3. develops appropriate data models
  4. understands the capabilities of the database and the architecture of the reporting tools
  5. applies our in-depth knowledge of retail analytics to every project

Business Process Integration
Successful data and application integration requires in-depth knowledge of the business processes an enterprise engages in daily. For applications to perform cooperatively, the business processes they are enabling must be sequenced correctly. The methodologies B2 Integration employs allow processes to work cohesively. Identifying disruptions or obstacles in the process flow is critical. B2 Integration’s system of checks and balances at different levels within each flow ensures that any problems within the process are apprehended and resolved.

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