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Implementation of an EDI system is a multi-phase project. As a leading EDI integration solutions provider, B2 Integration manages each phase of EDI implementations from initial assessment to audit and security screening of the fully operational EDI system. We offer both complete end-to-end implementations and partial system updates or additions.

B2 Integration has completed multiple large-scale EDI integration projects for clients across many industries.  We offer organizations our broad implementation experience with best-of-breed EDI software platforms including:

  • Inovis (Trusted Link)
  • Sterling (Gentran)
  • EXTOL (EDI Integrator)
  • Microsoft (BizTalk)
  • And more

Our services include:

Discovery and Design

The initial phase of an EDI integration project in which B2 Integration assesses the business processes of clients and their trading partners and determines the EDI documents required to complete all transactions critical to the enterprises’ operations.


The “mapping” phase of an EDI integration project. “Mapping” refers to two data-transfer processes:

  • sending data from a database to an EDI document
  • extracting data from an EDI document and sending it to a database

Communication and Security

The secure transmission of EDI documents between enterprises. (Due to consideration of cost and flexibility, traditional Bisync and FTP transmission protocols are being replaced by AS2, an Internet-based protocol.)

Transaction Routing

The routing of EDI documents to the appropriate application within an enterprise’s information system. (An 810 Invoice document, for example, is routed to the enterprise finance application.)

On-boarding and Community Management

The process of integrating an enterprise’s partner community into the enterprise’s EDI system. Also the term used to refer to adopting a new EDI document type or changing a current EDI document in an existing EDI system.

Audits and controls

The process of ensuring that the EDI system is integrated correctly with a company’s enterprise management system.

Custom Development and Interface Design

The development of custom application interfaces when an enterprise management system does not include built-in EDI standards.

Complete End-to-End Back Office Integration

Full EDI implementation services.


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