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Services and Solutions

Services and Solutions

B2 Integration provides data and application integration, and EDI integration services and solutions to supply chain enterprises. Our experience and expertise also encompass business intelligence development and business process integration. The solutions we create:

  • apply within the “four walls” of individual organizations and/or
  • connect organizations to their trading partner community

B2 Integration and Supply Chain Enterprise Goals

The purpose of companies in the supply chain is to furnish consumers with the right products at the right price point. Realizing that goal is an immensely complex process that demands careful coordination between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. B2 Integration’s solutions help organizations reach that goal and thus ensure loyalty between consumer, retailer, supplier, and distributor.

Information Technology and Supply Chain Enterprises

Enterprises within the supply chain industry rely on mission-critical information technology systems to maintain the flow of goods from manufacturing to the sales floor. Included among these systems are internal enterprise applications such as finance, human resources, merchandising, and point-of sale, and “external” applications that link enterprises to other organizations in the supply chain.

Internal enterprise information systems are often a network of homegrown, legacy mainframe, and packaged applications that must share data and functionality in order to support the enterprise’s business operations. Since most are vendor-proprietary and are written in different programming languages, they require customized “bridge” or “middleware” applications to enable inter-application data flow and communication.

“External” applications connect enterprises to their partners, suppliers, and customers in the interest of increasing the accuracy, speed, and reliability of busines-to-business transactions.

The B2 Integration team addresses both enterprise-internal data and application integration and “external” application integration – i.e., (EDI) integration.

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